June 26, 2015

Long Term Care and Skilled Services

Bethesda of Beresford offers both Long Term Care and Skilled Stay Services.

Long Term Care is offered to individuals that need ongoing and long term 24 hour care.  Skilled Stay Services are offered to those who need rehabilitation after an injury or illness.  These services generally are billed to Medicare Part A and require the skilled service of a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist while also requiring 24 hour nursing care.

Our goal is to help each person in our care to reach and maintain their highest level of independence in a safe, nurturing  atmosphere.

  • Nursing

Bethesda Home provides twenty-four hour nursing care coverage.  R.N.’s, L.P.N.’s and nursing assistants provide nursing care with that extra touch of compassion

  • Medical Services

A physician, who serves as Medical Director, monitors and evaluates the medical care our residents receive.  Bethesda Nursing Home is also located adjacent to the Beresford Sanford Clinic, where other medical services are readily available.

  • Social Services

A licensed Social Worker coordinates admissions and discharges as well as assess’ resident’s cognitive, mood, behavior, and psychological and social needs. The social worker is also available as needed for resources, advocacy, and social/emotional support.

  • Dietary

All diets at Bethesda are planned individually for the residents’ needs.  This is overseen by a consulting Dietitian, who works with our Dietary Department.

  • Activities

These activities are geared to their abilities and include spiritual programs, bus trips, picnics, parties for holidays, music, reading programs, and a variety of entertainment.

  • Laundry, Housekeeping & Maintenance

All laundry at Bethesda is done in-house. The entire facility including the building and all the grounds are kept clean, sanitary and in good repair by our Housekeeping and Maintenance Departments.

  • Beauty Shop

An in-house beautician provides residents the opportunity to get a haircut, style, shampoo or permanent without leaving the facility.   Our beauty shop accommodates both wheelchair and ambulatory residents.

If you have any questions or concerns contact:

Bethesda of Beresford
606 West Cedar
Beresford, SD 57004
(605) 763-2050